Who Are These People?

A Brief Intro to the People, Places, and Things You’ll Meet Here…

eccc9c0590891d44eb9d32648cdd9f9aMe: Cris, Cristina, Mom, Mother. Late 40-something, java-addicted, workaholic long-distance Mom.

Leading Man #1: LM#1, Kiddo. My beautiful, amazing, awe-inspiring kid, currently a surly teenager a la Groot in Guardians of the Galaxy.

Leading Man #2: The Omen, Taller Half. My current, second, and definitively last-ever husband, for the last decade a woodworking, lumberjack CPA.

TheEx: Husband #1, Leading Man #3. Father to Leading Man #1, also LM#1’s residential custodian, forever an IT genius.

StepMom. TheEx’s current, second, and for my sake hopefully definitely last-ever wife.

temple.jpgAutism: The Autistic Spectrum. A learning disorder that affects roughly 1 in 59 individuals, characterized by social and language delays. More on that here: Autism Wiki.

New Jersey: The Garden State. Birthplace of Leading Man #1, Leading Man #2, and TheEx. Land of chrome-infested diners and Taylor Ham, egg, and cheese on a hard roll. My home state from 1985 to 2010.

Massachusetts. MA, Home. Current home state of myself and Leading Man #2.

The Duck House: Home. The house in MA in which Leading Man #2 and I reside.

Baby Blue: My Trusty Toyota, the Intrepid Camry. The nickname for any one of the Toyota’s I’ve driven in my eight years as a long-distance parent living in Massachusetts.